Amazon Baby Registry Must Haves

I want to share with you my very favorite baby products I am using from Amazon! My baby girl is 5 months old now and we have quickly found our favorite baby items as well as the things we NEVER use. I want to share with you a few products on Amazon that we use every single day!

1. Baby Monitor with Remote. I have this monitor in my baby’s room where she naps and soon where she will sleep at night. I really like to bluetooth monitor just in case our wifi would go out, I don’t have to worry about losing the connection.

2. Newton Baby Crib Mattress. This is the mattress we have in her room. It is SO soft! I want one for myself! This is the first ever breathable mattress made to make sure your baby doesn’t suffocate! You can use this mattress without a sheet, although we prefer to put one on. If baby has an accident, you can just rinse it in the bathtub!

  1. Mushie Extra Soft Muslin Fitted Crib Sheet. These sheets are SO SOFT. They come in all colors. We ordered a few different types of sheets and these are the ones I went back to and ordered more! This is all we will be using form now on.
  2. Mika Mickey Bedside Sleeper Crib. This bassinet has been amazing. The side folds down and it can be set at different heights. It’s the closest thing to baby being in the bed with you without all the risk! It is also very easy to disassemble and it is easily portable. We have traveled with it a few times. I also love the pockets on the sides. It makes for easy night changing’s! I always keep diapers, wipes and diaper cream in there.
  3. Bassinet Fitted Sheet. These are the sheets I use on her bassinet. Once again, I tried a few different brands and this one was the softest and seems the most durable!
  4. Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine. Our baby girl loves her sound machine! I love that you can connect this machine to your phone and control it from anywhere. There are so many sound choices and light choices if your little one needs a night light.
  5. Rohm Portable White Noise Machine. Since our girl LOVES her sound machine, the Rohm has been an absolute life saver for us! You can take this portable sound machine anywhere! Use it in the car, grocery store, in the stroller, etc.
  6. Ergobaby Carrier. Baby wearing is a gift from above. It might actually be my favorite thing. And hers too! She always naps in her carrier so if we are out and about during nap time, we can avoid meltdowns by using this carrier! Also helps while cooking dinner if baby is extra fussy and clingy.

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